How to Clean and Restore Flotex Carpets?

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Published: 25th January 2011
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One popular floor coverings in Australian commercial facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, shops and schools are Flotex carpets. This type of floor carpet is impervious backed textile and is very popular due to its 80M fibre density per square meter that makes Flotex carpets basically crush or ware proof and highly resistant to staining. For this reason, cleaning and maintaining Flotex carpets requires a right equipment to use. This cleaning equipment includes the Fastvac upright vacuum and Duplex 340 or Duplex 420 floor scrubber.

For basic everyday cleaning, a vacuum cleaner such as Duplex Fastvac Upright Vacuum is recommended. This vacuum cleaner has a motorized brush that agitates and lifts dust from the carpet fiber. Due to the Flotex carpet nylon backing and fibre density, a normal vacuum cleaner is not an effective equipment to use because it cannot penetrate effectively on the carpet.

One should not allow stains to penetrate on Flotex flooring. Stains can be removed easily with plain water and agitation. For small stains, this can be done by hand and by a floor scrubber for large areas.

Flotex carpets are completely waterproof and almost stain proof because of its dense nylon fibers. Meaning, heavily soiled Flotex carpets can be scrubbed like a hard floor. Flood and Scrub method is highly recommended by Flotex. Restore your Flotex carpets by cleaning it with water alone, no chemical or detergent is needed. Detergent dries sticky and attracts dust easily which causes stains that will make Flotex carpets dull and dirty looking.

The perfect floor machine for restoring Flotex carpets is Duplex 420. Using Duplex 420 with a specific Flotex setting and belt pick up system is the most effective and efficient machine for cleaning large areas of Flotex. Its specialized dual cylindrical brush can scrub, wash and extract in a single pass that even aged and heavily soiled Flotex can be restored in minutes.

For more information and free demonstration, visit or call Duplex Cleaning Machines leading supplier of exclusive range of commercial and industrial cleaning machines throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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